Here in King’s Barrow... 

The gifts have lived side by side for hundreds of years: flamemakers, jewelers, weathermakers, growers, artists, seers, alchemists—and healers, like seventeen-year-old Hamal.

Hamal knows he isn’t the best, or even the smartest, healer in the city. He isn’t good with numbers, and he always leaves scars. The other night when he saved the dead man—well, he just did the best he could. He doesn’t mean to get a job working for the king. And he doesn’t mean to save the kingdom from a dangerous foe who’s killing the king’s healers. All he means to do is save his new friend. 


What people are saying about the Hamal Books:

Winsome and funny, deep yet entertaining.
— John E. Thomas, Streams Ministries
From a ministry standpoint, these books make me wonder why these things can’t be true in the kingdom. There are truths in these books that you can apply to your life.
— Sue Frisbie, Northwest Gathering Center
Hope prevails in this fantastic world of mystery and intrigue.
— Steve and Jane Lambert, Five in a Row curriculum
Enough twists and turns to keep you on your toes.
— Dr. Catherine Posey,
No library should be devoid of Hamal or his humble, healing hands.
— Amanda Allpress, Teen Services Librarian
He not only is able to protect himself in a world of escalating dangers, but he saves and protects others.
— Robin C. Harbour, teacher, Nelson Avenue Middle School
The best book I read in 2015.
— Amazon reviewer
Absolutely love this book. From the 1st chapter to the last this story is interesting and captivating. I’m currently reading it for the 2nd time.
— Amazon reviewer
Incredible, incredible book.
— Amazon reviewer
It was a story that grabbed me immediately and I couldn’t put it down!
— Amazon reviewer
The Hamal Books introduce us to a unique world in which people are distinguished by a set of supernatural attributes that determine their roles and relationship with one another. It is against this backdrop that Hamal arises as a humble yet powerful hero, bringing justice and goodness to the world around him. Hamal is pure inspiration.
— Michael Brodeur, Pastor's Coach, Destiny Finder
I have never read a book with a protagonist like Hamal. How can his character be so unique, yet so easy to identify with?
— Rachel Nace, @never_too_many_books
Hamal is the kind of guy I would like to be. Wise, full of surprising insight, yet easy to get to know.
— Ken Lindberg, California
I finished the Hamal book. IT IS FANTASTIC!! I couldn’t put it down. I love the characters, the world, the gifts, the adventure!!!
— M.I., California