The Different Gifts in Hamal's World

Many years ago, readers who worked for the king of Dasken (it’s a long story) studied the gifts and grouped them according to three major or common classes: Earth, Mind, and Structure. There are also minor or uncommon gifts.

The following are the gifts found in King's Barrow according to their classes:

Earth Gifts


Can heal physical bodies. 


Can grow any kind of plant life.


Can produce heat and fire.


Can produce heat, rain, mist, lightning, thunder, and other elements of weather on a personal level. In most circumstances, they cannot produce or change actual weather. They are perfectly comfortable even in extreme heat or cold.


Understands how things work and why. They can touch any substance and perceive its makeup. They experiment constantly and are known for their tonics, medicines, machines, and other types of invention.


Can reach any physical target. Many archers, both men and women, work in the military. They also frequently work in second-in-command positions that require organization, determination, and follow-through. (See Jewelers.)


Mind Gifts


Can read people’s minds, often through physical touch. Some have a reputation for being thieves because it is possible for them to use what they learn about people for their own gain. Excellent painters, potters, stonemasons, metalsmiths, etc. (See Seers.) 


Fascinated with the written word and never forgets anything they read.


Uses illusionary “masks” that cause people to see things other than reality.


Works with targets. Very goal oriented and are capable of achieving whatever they put their minds to do. Most jewelers tend to be interested in power or making money. (See Archers.)


Highly empathetic. Feelers affect people according to their names. (Justice causes a sense of justice in others, Courage causes courage, etc.) They need to have jobs because when they do, everyone under them is affected by their unique name.


Structure Gifts


Knows what is real and what is not. They can tell when someone’s lying. Most work for the king. It is impossible for a justice to be “bad” because the gift does not allow for injustice. They work in truth and for the sake of others.


Creates laws. What they write becomes true (hence the name “lawmaker”). Lawmakers live in monasteries where they learn about issues of character, justice, and wisdom in their younger years. They aren’t taught to read and write until they are in their forties, because writing can be dangerous.


Minor (or Rare) Gifts


This gift manifests itself in different ways, but in every case, it is a wisdom gift. Their wisdom does not always appear as wisdom to others. Sages are often thought to be simpletons.


Can see snippets of what is happening around them (current, present, and past). Seers have silver eyes.


Can see the future. Prophets have golden eyes.

Shadow (Oracle)

A type of seer who can see into the realm of the gods. Their eyes appear to be filled with fire when they are using their gift.


Can communicate with the earth. They often make maps and are great trackers. They understand all things related to the earth and have a deep understanding of the creator.


Can make things out of soil. They are believed to have died out.


Can move water. This gift is found in men only; women born to watermen are weathermakers. Watermen live close to bodies of water, and many mistakenly believe they are weathermakers without much talent.


This list may or may not be complete. We want to allow for the possibility that not every gift has been recorded here.